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GPI teams up with private investors, REITs, and developers to deliver value proposals that maximize the commercial potential of portfolios of owned real estate, non-performing loans, single-tenant net leases, multi-family properties, retail, hotels, industrial parks, medical facilities, and corporate headquarters.

From providing essential information for better investment decisions to structuring and executing a precise strategy for every phase of ownership, our focus is on customizing solutions according to every client’s unique needs. Our experts take the time to fully understand every business, property, and project to deliver maximum benefits that meet every customer’s expectations. Besides this, we continually analyzing investment opportunities and projects that might be useful or attractive for the investors that put their trust in us. Also, we are constantly tracking property activity along with his product type, value range and geographic area



Why Invest in Real Estate:

Whether by price appreciation or income cash flow, over history land ownership (real estate) has proven to be a major creator of wealth; wealth that is often passed down from generation to generation.

Real Estate offers an investor many advantages:
Real estate properties have proved over time to be one of the safest and most useful alternatives for investors. Either by the price of the properties or their increasing appreciation, this kind of transactions have become recognized as major wealth generators This is has been a great point of interest not only for people who want to get important earnings every time they invest but also for those who want to create a valuable heritage to pass down to future generations.

These are some other offers an investor might find in real estate projects:



This is one of the most important advantages of real estate investing. These projects allow investors to obtain more than money could actually get in other categories. For example, there are some investments that require only a 20% down payment to obtain a property up to four times worth the investment value they have in cash. This sets the base for a combination in which your funds mix up with a bank loan to create positive leverage that can generate earnings both on your capital and on the bank’s loan. In a scenario like the one depicted before, An unleveraged 7% return becomes 13% when leveraged. Borrowing money on real estate is the most powerful tool in real estate investing.



This might be defined as the loss of value a property suffers over time due to damage and wear. Did you know current federal tax laws allow you to obtain a tax deduction for the depreciation of your property, while it might be actually appreciating! This deduction protects a part of the actual cash flow distribution from taxation. Nowadays, there is no other investment vehicle that offers this benefit.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

The “1031 Exchange” is the commonly used nomenclature when describing the Internal Revenue Federal Code section 1031, relating to a “Tax Deferred Exchange.”

Unlike other types of investment, when selling a property at a profit, the selling part can replace that property with another and defer having to pay capital gains taxes on the profits made from the sale of the first property. The idea behind this section of the tax code is that when a person sells a property to buy another, there is no economic gain has been achieved, only a “substitution” of the property owned.

This important benefit is a pretty beneficial tool for real estate investors. With this, investors can delay tax payments and keep their untaxed gains working for them when they move from one real estate investment to another.

Though a 1031 exchange might seem like a simple process, it can become uncomfortably confusing. To obtain a real benefit from it, careful planning and strategic execution of each step are required to meet the tricky requirements and short timeframe deadlines needed to ensure that a tax liability is not created upon the sale of the first asset. After all, the IRS would just as soon you pay taxes, so they don’t make it too easy for you.

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