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Gold Property Invest

At Gold Property Invest we provide commercial real estate services from start to finish for all your Florida property investments. We specialize in foreign investors looking for commercial properties, new development projects and luxury residences in Miami, Miami Beach, and South Florida. Our network of trusted specialists in the design, construction, legal and accounting fields will help you achieve your investment goals with confidence and peace of mind.

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We have a network of experts to help
you achieve your investment goals.

At Gold Property Invest, we have a proven history of finding the ideal opportunity for our clients in the stable and fast growing State of Florida. You can be sure that we will serve you with all the vision and dedication that you deserve.

– Carolina Salinas, President & CEO

Having the right team of real estate financial professionals to provide tax, accounting, and advisory services provides the mortar necessary to hold your business organization upon its path to success. The real estate specialists of Joel Friend and Associates offer resourceful and concrete solutions into issues that confront today’s real estate investor.Morales & Goldstein, the Law Office of German Morales, P.A. is a boutique law firm that provides premium quality legal services for real estate investors in Florida. For 10 years, the Firm has been a strong proponent of a preventive legal approach that minimizes risks. The Firm will also act as the first line of defense on any administrative, civil or criminal matter, in and out of court.

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